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Create adapter for Common.Logging infrastructure


The Common.Logging library is part of the Common Infrastructure Libraries for .NET and provide an interface or facade over logging libraries. By creating an adapter for the Common.Logging infrastructure, developers and architects can chose to use CuttingEdge.Logging with the possibility to replace it with another logging framework when needed.
This adapter should have the ability get logging providers (loggers) in an hierarchical manner, such as is the case with log4net. This means that when a logging provider with the exact requested name can not be found, the adapter will search for ‘hierarchical’ parents. For instance, loggers with name ‘Company’ and ‘Company.Product’ are hierarchical parents of ‘Company.Product.Services’.
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The latest release (1.3) contains an adapter for the Common Logging infrastructure. You can find more information about how to use this adapter with Common Logging on this wiki page:


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Resolved with changeset 38161.

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Code for the adapter has been checked in, but I consider it still beta. Feedback is very welcome.

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